June 27 2017

Caring for Your Cats for Over 25 Years

The Cat Hospital of Metairie, Louisiana, is exclusively dedicated to caring for your feline companion. We are proud to celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary. We hope you will value our cat-friendly environment and our professional expertise in feline medicine and surgery. From the tiniest kitten to the most golden senior, each of our patients receives a thorough consultation. Our appointment times allow for detailed discussion of your cat's history in order to make the best decisions regarding their health. In addition to any current issues, we strive to provide information on preventative care to ensure that your cat lives the longest, happiest life possible.

We are proud to serve the greater New Orleans area. Rebuilding our community involves elevating the status of our companion animals, and we especially believe in reclaiming the value of the cat and recognizing how special cats truly are.

We Are A Cat Friendly Practice

The AAFP seeks to encourage and facilitate good quality veterinary care for cats. However, we recognize that there are unique challenges and difficulties in bringing your cat to a veterinary practice, including:

  • Cats often do not travel well.
  • Cats do not feel safe when they are away from their normal home territory.
  • Cats are highly sensitive to unusual sights, sounds and smells.
  • Most cats prefer quiet and solitude.
  • Most cats are highly susceptible to stress and anxiety. 
  • Most cats are highly stressed by dogs and other cats being in close proximity at the practice. 
  • Cats need to be handled gently, with care and respect in the practice.
  • Cats have unique medical requirements that Cat Friendly Practices are capable of providing.

The AAFP created the Cat Friendly Practice program to help veterinary practices meet the wide range of unique needs of cats in a veterinary practice setting. An extensive self-assessment checklist was designed to demonstrate that Cat Friendly Practices:

  • Understand the unique needs of cats and have made veterinary visits more cat-friendly.
  • Understand how to approach and handle cats in a gentle, empathetic and caring manner. 
  • Have an appropriate standard of equipment needed to investigate and treat feline diseases. 
  • Meets a standard for the facilities and care for hospitalized cats.

Additional information can be found in the CFP Cat Owner Brochure.

Are you looking for medical information online about your cat?

Veterinary Partner is a trusted website that will provide you with accurate and useful advice.

The Cornell Feline Health Center offers a variety of articles, brochures, and videos online for cat owners and enthusiasts alike.

The Cat Community aims to build a group of cat caregivers who want to provide the very best care for their cat. Powered by feline veterinarians, the community provides you with credible, valuable, and reliable educational information.

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