Cat Hospital of Metairie




We are a proud cat-only boarding facility. There are no dogs present to disturb your special feline. Our hospital is equipped with Feliway pheromone diffusers to naturally comfort your cat. Each kennel comes with warm bedding and a brand new cardboard lounge for cats who desire privacy. We also offer play time sessions if your cat is more social. Regular updates on your cat are provided at your request, and we give you a report on how your cat adjusted to boarding. Plus, you have an experienced, cat-loving staff who will help keep your cat happy during the stay.

We also offer individual playtime as an additional service when requested. This may be highly interactive play, brushing, or solitary exercise in a private room. Some cats may be playful at home but reluctant to play at the clinic, so sometimes the opportunity to stretch their legs is all they want. For those cats who may not be responsive to play time, you can consider reserving a double-sized kennel to allow them exercise without direct interaction.

We offer a large variety of cat foods, including most prescription diets, but you are welcome to bring your own to ensure that your cat’s diet remains the same. You may also bring familiar items, like bedding, to make your cat feel at home.

Annual veterinary examination and both rabies and FVRCP (upper respiratory disease) vaccines must be up-to-date for all pets that board with us. This helps protect your pet, other animals, and our staff from contagious disease. Proof of examination and vaccinations is required.

If your cat has seen another veterinarian but is not a patient at Cat Hospital, no problem! We will set up a meeting with the doctor to answer any questions and to make sure your cat will be comfortable with us. This is a courtesy visit.

Pets may be dropped off and picked up during regular business hours Monday through Saturday.

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