Cat Hospital of Metairie




Fluffy Grey Cat


Grooming services at Cat Hospital of Metairie include basic shaves and lion cuts. We also bathe cats, but please let us know if the cat is having other issues that are prompting a request for a bath. Fleas, dandruff, and a dirty rear (from poor grooming or diarrhea) usually have an underlying cause and require a consultation from the veterinarian.

We also trim nails and apply Soft Paws and can teach you how to do this at home.

We are happy to schedule any current patient for a groom. Our doctors must examine your cat within the past year, and both rabies and FVRCP (upper respiratory disease) vaccines must be up-to-date.

All baths, lion cuts, or extensive cuts must be dropped off in the morning and can be picked-up in the evening. Sanitary shaves, nail trims, or shaving a few mats can be scheduled as an outpatient appointment with the owner present. We recommend fasting all grooms that are dropped off in case sedation is required.

All grooms being dropped off must fill out a groom sheet and sign a surgical consent form if sedation is needed.


Please Contact Us to request a web link to an online form to fill out before bringing your cat for grooming.