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Our Feline Friendly Doctor

Dr. Amanda Perkins


Dr. Amanda Perkins started her veterinary career at Cat Hospital of Metairie and has been a feline-exclusive veterinarian for over ten years. She has owned the practice since 2012.

She is a native of Mississippi and studied biology at Southern Miss. She grew up in the countryside and found companionship with many cats throughout her childhood. At ten years old, she dedicated herself to the study of science as a pathway to becoming a veterinarian.

Dr. Perkins graduated from the College of College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Always balancing her scientific mind with a love of art, she also wrote songs and played guitar during her schooling, performing throughout New York.

But her heart belongs in New Orleans. Many of her family members and friends live in Louisiana, so she is happy to call this place home. Her hobbies include partaking in New Orleans cuisine and performing in local theater.

Dr. Perkins enjoys all aspects of feline medicine and surgery but is particularly interested in dentistry, behavior, and internal medicine. When not helping cats, she spends time with her family. Her husband, John, is a veterinary assistant at Veterinary Specialists of Greater New Orleans. They share a home with four cats. Biddy is a charming Siamese, and Bear is the gentle giant with a Charlie Chaplin mustache. Susu is a tiny spry black cat who enjoys toothbrushing and wrestling with Charlemagne, a beautiful Bengal.

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 Dr. Karen Miller-Becnel

Dr.Miller has semi-retired and still wishes to use her vast experience to serve the cats and their owners in the greater Covington area. Her special interests are in wellness care, internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, and senior feline medical and rehabilitation services featuring laser therapy which she has found to be very instrumental in aiding  injured or arthritic cats.


Dr Miller, as she is known to most of her clients, has been married to Mr Becnel for 16 years. She came to New Orleans as a young veterinarian and in 1973 became the first woman in New Orleans to open her own veterinary hospital. Times have definitely changed since then with many more women in the profession now.! She built a second new free standing hospital in New Orleans in 1980 and saw whatever type of animal her clients kept as pets. She sold that hospital at the end of 1999 with having previously opened  the Cat Hospital of Metairie in 1990. While she loves all animals, that hospital was devoted exclusively to the care of her favorite animal---cats!!!

Dr Miller recently retired from Cat Hospital of Metairie after 25 years of service to the cats of the greater New Orleans area. She sold the hospital to her associate so that it continues as a source for excellent feline care to this day.

In October of 2016 Dr Miller opened her mobile clinic and will run this service as well as her non-profit-Art for Cats Sake. 

A lifelong cat lover, Dr. Miller-Becnel has a knack for putting cats at ease.

In addition, Dr. Miller-Becnel stays current on veterinary developments and best practices. The doctor attends over 40 hours per year of continuing education courses to keep up on new advancements in the field. Our veterinarian’s dedication to caring for cats and treating their health concerns means that your cat will receive the best in feline veterinary care.